The Marquette Arts and Culture Center (MACC) approached Fringe with the opportunity to put on a festival at Mattson Lower Harbor Park. As part of Marquette’s 2021 Art Week, we put together four days of events with performances from local artists and community activities. Reconnect at Lower Harbor gave space to unwind and re-entangle ourselves with the community. 

Over four days, at seven unique stages, we became whole again. Daily performances, workshops, and activities gave a chance for all ages to reconnect. The stages were:

Body – dance and movement

Community – live performances

Creativity – activities and workshops

Earth – for getting your hands dirty

Inner Child – games and art at Kids Cove

Self – poetry installation

Serenity – a place to stop and be still

With this structure set in place, we encouraged the community to come together and find refuge after a year of involuntary solitude.

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