Journey Through The Underworld

October 5th, 2024 3-11pm 

Lakenenland Sculpture Park | Parking at Ojibwa Casino

Once again the veils are thin, and beings from all realms, galaxies, and mystical dreams gather to adventure through into the unknown. This year, the portal of the Fall Phantasm brings us on a Journey through the Underworld.

Gather your witchery and magic, for beauty, discovery, and mystery await. The Underworld is a place of dreams and the unknown, where souls go to mingle beyond the confines of the physical world. This is the realm of forgotten, of wishes, of that which is hidden. 

Join us on an adventure of a lifetime to create your own journey through this magical place.

Participant Forms

Performer Application

Deadline: June 30th

Musician Application

Deadline: June 30th

Installation Art Application

Deadline: June 30th

Vendor Application

Deadline: June 30th

Pre-Phantasm Volunteer Application

Deadline: August 5th

Media Application

Open: June 30th

Event Week Volunteer Application

Open: August 5th

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Attendee Info

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Premise parking not available, there will be shuttles going to and from Ojibwa Casino.

Camping passes & VIP coming soon!

Participant FAQ

If you have a question about participating in the Fall Phantasm, please browse this list. More specific information about each Participant type can be found in the application links above. 

A: Parking at Lakenenland will be closed to the public on the day of the Phantasm. Onsite parking will be reserved for Phantasm crew, volunteers, talent, and vendors only, all of whom may park overnight. Those with handicap parking passes may also park onsite. Public/attendee parking will be at Ojibwa Casino, where shuttles will run the duration of the event. Parking is free at both locations, with the exception of overnight camping passes.

A: Attendees who wish to stay overnight at Lakenenland will need to buy a camping pass for their vehicle to be permitted onsite on the day of the event. There will be a limited amount of public campsites available, and purchasing before the event is recommended.

A: Fall Phantasm is a rain, snow, or shine event. Organizers reserve the right to adjust, move, or cancel certain acts, vendors, or other festival elements on the basis of weather. If there is dangerous weather, we will move the festival to the following day, Sunday, October 6th. If dangerous conditions proceed through Sunday, we will cancel the event. Any changes or cancellations will be announced through our official online platforms and participants will be contacted by event organizers. Unless communicated through those official channels, no changes have been made.

A: You are welcome to fill out multiple Participant Applications if you, for example, would like to be a production volunteer and a performer. Alternatively, if you want to apply to be a vendor or a musician (but not both) just include that information in your application. Please fill out each form that interests you separately so we can get you connected to the right team.

A: We are always happy to welcome new ideas and forms of collaboration! The format has been created based off of what collaborations have come so far, but there’s always room for expansion. Send us an email at phantasm@marquettefringe.org with your ideas or inquiries.

A: Once you have clicked the Submit button and reached the thank you message landing page, you can be sure we have received your application. Please save phantasm@marquettefringe.org in your email address book, to be sure our emails don’t go to spam. We aim to consider and respond to all applicants, so please wait until after the submission deadline to reach out with any follow up.

[Deadline for Performers, Musicians, Installation Artists, and Vendors: June 30th, Deadline for Media: August 5th]

A: We would love to bring you into the fold! Please fill out the Pre-Phantasm Volunteer Application, and we’ll get you connected to the right team.

A: The Fall Phantasm is built on the work, passion, time, dime, and efforts of a large community network, and growing that web is vital. There is always (365 days a year) something an individual can do to make that network stronger. Bring a friend along to volunteer for setup or teardown, send our Crowdfunder to your generous family members, share our posts on social media, and attend our fundraising events throughout the year. Bring a meal, coffee, or an encouraging word to an organizer around event time and become a personal hero. Most importantly, show up, create, enjoy, express, connect, and use the platform of the Fall Phantasm to be your Fringey self.

A: Media, Performance Groups, Immersive Actors, Musicians, and Installation Artists are all paid positions at the Fall Phantasm. Exact amounts are determined after the application process. There is no fee to apply. Volunteers are given VIP access and onsite/overnight parking for the day of the festival. Food and snacks are provided for volunteers throughout the volunteer week. Further details for all participants can be found within the applications.

A: Food vendors pay a flat rate fee to reserve their spot at the festival. For other good & service vendors we offer a tiered fee system. Our selection process will favor vendors who fit the mission and ethos of Marquette Fringe. We also offer trade for vendors who are willing to work with us to create an immersive experience at the festival. Further details can be found in the Vendor Application. If you are unsure, please fill out the application with your ideas and questions and we are happy to work with you!

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