Glimpses From Elsewhere

Presented by MQT Fringe, Glimpses from Elsewhere is a virtual variety show of short original audio-visual vignettes and treats from across time and space. A collaborative showcase featuring creatives from all walks of life. Artists were given full autonomy to explore the outer limits of their creativity. The result is an experience of animation, music, poetry, dance, and experimentation to tantalize the senses, premiered live on April 10th, 2021.

The story begins…

Mothman has watched over Earth for some time and has grown weary of all the bleak news. With melancholy weighing heavy on his thorax, he wants an escape from these dark times through the comfort of binge-watching content with his dear old friend, Corva, the three-eyed raven woman. He’s just looking for something new. Just a peek of what else could be. He simply seeks Glimpses from Elsewhere!

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